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Shooting nerds

My Nerd Nite Edmonton partner — Wade Kelly — and I were asked by the cats at Derks Menswear to be part of a photo shoot for Elements Magazine. We needed a nerdy location, so we shot at the Low-Temperature lab at the U of A. Take a bit of a look behind the scenes […]

My democracy isn’t better than yours

Full disclosure: I’m a volunteer for the Don Iveson for Mayor Campaign. I love elections. They’re a time of renewal, ideas , and civic spirit. Oh sure, they bring out some weirdos and some downright mean-spiritedness, but I always find that to be the exception rather than the rule. And I try my damndest to […]

why here, why now?

I’ve been blogging since I had a computer — in some for or other. I’ve blogged for myself, for team sites, and I’ve blogged with a partner (and I still do). But there’s a lot I don’t say on the blogs I participate in right now. Not because I feel like I can’t, but because […]