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Shooting nerds

My Nerd Nite Edmonton partner — Wade Kelly — and I were asked by the cats at Derks Menswear to be part of a photo shoot for Elements Magazine. We needed a nerdy location, so we shot at the Low-Temperature lab at the U of A. Take a bit of a look … [Continue reading]

A little late with the resolutions…

When it comes to New Year resolutions, I usually completely tune out. I'm one of those idiots who says, "I resolve never to make a resolution again." Then I walk away with a shit-eating grin on my face. … [Continue reading]

Walking the walk

Last year, I made a conscious decision to walk more — to use my legs and feet as my primary means of conveyance throughout the city. But some well-intentioned friends have, in a weird and kind-hearted way, made doing so very difficult. … [Continue reading]

What I learned after 126 days of campaigning

With Edmonton's municipal election campaign now a distant memory (in campaign-time, anyway, which is definitely a thing where a day feels like a week), I've had some time to reflect on what it was like to be part of Don Iveson's campaign team, and … [Continue reading]

Trying something new

I've always had a fondness for online video. And as my YouTube subscriptions increase, I wanted to try it out for myself. So this week marks my first ever video blog. … [Continue reading]