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YouTube tags: I totally did one

I’ve long been fascinated by the YouTube tag phenomenon. It seems like a good device to use to make a video when you don’t have a topic you really want to discuss. And sometimes, they’re totally funny. So I totally did one. I answered the “17 random questions” tag in my video these week. Check […]

Lessons from VEDA

I spent most of last month participating in VEDA, or Vlog Every Day in August. The challenge was that you had to post a new video each day, and if you were stumped for content, websites like Savvy Sexy Social provided prompts you could follow. My final VEDA video appears above. Below are some further thoughts […]

My videoventure (a sort-of part-two)

Last past, I talked about what I’d learned so far on my YouTube adventure. It’s only been a month since I talked about it, but I’ve already learned a ton more. I’ve really been enjoying the experience of producing content, tinkering with my format, and finding out what it is that people like — and what […]

I need your help with some YouTubin’

One of the biggest challenges I’m finding with my weekly YouTube videos is coming up with ideas that take my content beyond, “this is what my week was like, pretty neat, huh?” #Junebarrassment month was my first crack at changing it up and keeping things interesting — not just for my viewers, but for myself as […]

Figuring out the YooToobs

I got into YouTubing/vlogging kind of to figure it out. I’ve been at it for just over three months now, and I don’t think I’m any closer to knowing what the “secret sauce” is (Having said that, I’m really enjoying myself and the small community that seems to be following along!). I’d wager that anyone who […]