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I need your help with some YouTubin’

One of the biggest challenges I’m finding with my weekly YouTube videos is coming up with ideas that take my content beyond, “this is what my week was like, pretty neat, huh?” #Junebarrassment month was my first crack at changing it up and keeping things interesting — not just for my viewers, but for myself as […]

Video scares me

When I embarked on my YouTube journey, a lot of the process involved me starting at a camera and freaking out about publishing my full-motion face on the internet. I never actually pressed the record button. I just looked at the device, and wondered what the hell I was thinking. Then I’d leave and go […]

Shooting nerds

My Nerd Nite Edmonton partner — Wade Kelly — and I were asked by the cats at Derks Menswear to be part of a photo shoot for Elements Magazine. We needed a nerdy location, so we shot at the Low-Temperature lab at the U of A. Take a bit of a look behind the scenes […]

A little late with the resolutions…

When it comes to New Year resolutions, I usually completely tune out. I’m one of those idiots who says, “I resolve never to make a resolution again.” Then I walk away with a shit-eating grin on my face.

Walking the walk

Last year, I made a conscious decision to walk more — to use my legs and feet as my primary means of conveyance throughout the city. But some well-intentioned friends have, in a weird and kind-hearted way, made doing so very difficult.