thoughts on public relations, marketing and a charmed life

a brief history of adam

I’ve worked in communications for over eight years. I’ve been a writer, an entrepreneur, and most currently, a digital strategist. I grew up when the internet was coming into prominence, and that’s what I’ve built my career around. I’ve worked in many forms of media, including print, audio, video, and blogs. I live and love what I do.

I’m a University of Alberta graduate, and like so many people who’ve completed post-secondary, but my current work is only tangentially related to what I studied in school (though still tremendously valuable). When I graduated, I worked as a business writer for three years in the operations department of a utility company. I was first exposed to the communications world in that role.


While there, I reconnected with a friend from my elementary school days. He wanted to create a website that did for hockey fans that mainstream media couldn’t: speak their minds. That’s when OilersNation was born, my first successful entrepreneurial venture. OilersNation has grown, and other websites have joined her. The Nation Network now includes many team sites, and NHL Numbers, a resource for stats nerds who want to research all manner of player stats and salaries.


While working on OilersNation, I partnered up with Scott C. Bourgeois and launched the Unknown Studio, a podcast all about interesting people and stories in the City of Edmonton. We’ve ran the show for over six seasons. We met a lot of incredible folks who’ve really helped to show me what it is that makes Edmonton a great place to live. I was sad when the show ended, but it had run its course.

I launched a new show in the summer of 2015 called the Expats. The Expats was born out of my fascination with travel (I’ve been to a grand total of three different countries in my life, so my fascination at this point is academic), and the stories about why Canadians choose to live abroad. The response to the show has been tremendous, and I have very ambitious plans to grow it into something much larger.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading about, working in and doing social media. Edmonton has an unusually active social media community, particularly for a city and region of this size and population. Much of my work exposes me to the work of others — work that people do without expectation of any kind of reward, other than their own satisfaction. In late 2011, I started bouncing the idea of a social media awards show off a few of my friends. I work in an industry that rewards work all the time, and I thought Edmonton content creators working in social media were deserving of similar recognition.


In the Fall of 2012, along with a team a terrific Edmontonians, I launched the Edmonton New Media Awards, lovingly called the Yeggies (a sort of homage to the hashtag Edmontonians use on Twitter — #yeg — to identify the city). The culmination of the Yeggies is an annual award show recognizing excellence in social media in the city. You can see images from the first event on Flickr.

Ultimately, my goal in everything I do is more than just to experiment and learn (though that’s part of it). My goal is to shine a light on other people doing great work in the community, and find ways to help them do it. At work, I do that with clients — trying to share what they do with online communities particularly. In my personal life, I do everything I can to help friends find success with their goals.

I like to think — I certainly hope — that that is reflected in the things I do, and hopefully, you get a taste of some of that here.