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And you thought you knew everything about Italians

It’s easy to assume that North American Italian culture is an apples-to-apples comparison to European Italian culture. And if you, like me, assumed that to be the case, you’d be wrong.

I recently interviewed a Canadian named Marissa Janzen who lived for two years in Milan for The Expats. She taught at an English school there, and moved there sort of on a whim.

She became enchanted with Italy while she was there for a wedding in Tuscany. Her reasons for wanting to live there are sort of odd (if you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear them), and what she learned over her time there was insightful. Italy, she said, will always be a part of her.

But, as with many of my interviews with expats, it’s really the little things that make travel adventures so unusual, amazing and unexpected.

Give the podcast a listen here — I hope you enjoy hearing about Marissa’s experiences as I did.