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Lessons from VEDA

I spent most of last month participating in VEDA, or Vlog Every Day in August. The challenge was that you had to post a new video each day, and if you were stumped for content, websites like Savvy Sexy Social provided prompts you could follow. My final VEDA video appears above. Below are some further thoughts I had on participating in VEDA last month.

While I cover off a lot of my thoughts on VEDA in the video, one thing I didn’t mention is that the VEDA process provided me with clarity. It showed me what I’m good at, and what I really need to work on. Reviewing some of the videos and the interaction that resulted has also re-affirmed some things. I’ve outlined those below.

Spontaneously funny

When it comes to being spontaneously interesting or funny, without really thinking it through, I simply haven’t done enough of these kinds of videos to have that skill. I need to at least plan the outline for a video, if not the actual thesis, to make it something that I think is workable and watchable. I figure after enough practice, the spontaneous “good quality” stuff will come, but I’m just not there yet.

Dressing up the studio

I really need to think about dressing up my studio space. Right now, I spend most of my time standing against a dark accent wall. I’m planning on putting artwork up so it isn’t quite as barren. I have a green screen that I could use, but I’m afraid I’m not skilled enough to use it without it looking horrible. So art it is!

Focus on the community

I’ve always been a big believer in cultivating community around what I’m doing. That means reading and responding to just about anything someone takes the time to write or say to me. Sure, it’s time-consuming. But that’s how you show you appreciate your audience. My VEDA experience reinforced the importance of this idea. Building an audience means interacting with the community of people taking time to watch what you’re doing.

It’s been tremendously rewarding.


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