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My videoventure (a sort-of part-two)

Last past, I talked about what I’d learned so far on my YouTube adventure. It’s only been a month since I talked about it, but I’ve already learned a ton more.

I’ve really been enjoying the experience of producing content, tinkering with my format, and finding out what it is that people like — and what I enjoy doing. It’s been tremendously rewarding so far, and I’m so grateful for everyone and anyone who watches even just 30 seconds of a video. I received a few compliments on my last video (embedded below), and I’m super excited about how cool everyone’s been.

Here are some new lessons I’ve taken away from my YouTube experience over the past month.

Talk fast

I have a tendency to talk slowly. This is fine in everyday conversation; not so much in a video. I’ve been trying to up the tempo in my speech to cram more into my videos without making them oppressively long (like my Weird-ish Facts About Canada video). The trick here is that while speaking fast, it’s important to remember to pause in between sentences so that it’s not such a goddamn chore to edit.

Be a brutal editor

I talked about this in my previous post as well, so I guess I’m basically restating it to remind myself. It’s easy to fall in love with a quip or turn of phrase and not want to cut it. But I try to put myself in the position of my subscribers: what are they going to dig? And perhaps more importantly, what’s going to keep things moving so that any amount of boring is kept to a minimum? I probably record about 20 minutes of video (not including b-roll), and try to chop it down to 4 minutes. I’m often successful!

Make friends with other YouTubers

This is actually something YouTube recommends to content creators as well, and with good reason. People on the same journey are more than willing to help you out along the way. In very short order, I’ve met the Interns and Susanna Pearcey, and they’ve been super supportive. And, of course, I’ve benefitted from the sound counsel of Mr. Jay Runham as well (his videos are excellent).

I’ve also joined a few networking groups on Facebook to spread the word when I publish a new video. Every little (and big) bit helps!

Make friends with b-roll

I’ve started taking my camera everywhere (I’d use my iPhone if it wasn’t a goddamn 4S and the resolution so brutal). A lot of weird and interesting stuff happens out in the wide world, even if you’re just out for a drink. It’s good to be prepared to capture it. You never know if it’s footage you might be able to somehow use later.

End-of-summer goals

Though I’m more just enjoying the process of creating videos, I still like to set goals for myself. Here are a few I’ve zeroed in on for the end of summer:

  • Avg views per vid: by the end of summer, I’d like to get up to 150 views per video within a week of publishing them.
  • Subs: I’m gaining about 10 new subscribers a week. I’m hoping that by the end of August I can get up to 120 subs. Preferably 150. And I will treat those subscribers like GOLD… by giving them great new content every week! I hope!


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